Last Changes dPIPE 5.25

Updates Software dPIPE 5.25

1. Functionality to keep current folder added for entering response spectra or accelerograms:

2. Pasting response spectra data from clipboard:




3. Interface for entering data depending on lifetime has been added (allowable stresses SA and creep-rupture strength SR, command MAT):

Starting from this release, window with materials data becomes read only. For editing/entering data use direct editing of text in *.dp5 file

Corresponding information for lifetime should be also entered in Operating Modes window (OPVAL command):

Described above options are applicable for the analyses performed according to the following Codes: «RD», «EN» and «PNAE_T».

4. The following error fixed: under pressing RESET button templates will be exposed by default corresponding to the selected interface language:

5. The error that caused the program failure during editing of extra data has been fixed

6. Functionality for the import of results for spring hangers has been recovered

7. The error that caused the program failure during selection of supports to assign seismic groups has been fixed.

8. The meaning of the «rigid» stiffness for the Expansion Joints is clarified over the program: interface, printouts and help file:

9. Loss of comments in the data for “standard” tees has been fixed.

10. Time dependent data for the allowable stresses have been added in the file mat.dbs (section for CODE = ‘RD’).

11. File "solv.dbs" has been complemented by specification for analysis of piping with low and high temperature parts (analysis according to Russian Boiler Code RD).

12. Option for preview of accelerograms has been added:

13. PIPE3DV has been equipped with option for export of compact GIF files with animation of free and forced vibration and piping deflections

«CVSpec» Program:

14. Bugs that occurred during "grouping" operations with spectra have been fixed

15. The Peak broadening operation has been added for the group of spectra

16. The options for the processing of time history records have been added (import, export, storing in Project file, preview, etc.):

«Sintez-M» Program:

17. Fixed various bugs related to the program interface.

1. Processing of the parameters for the “standard tee” element has been fixed: in the previous release instead of references to the attached pipes there were references to the pipe sections used for modeling of RUN and BRANCH pipes (tee reinforcing). This inaccuracy could affect the results of calculations according to the codes ASME and EN, if the standard tees were used in the models.

2. Additional data are introduced for the material properties: allowable stresses under the proof test conditions. Applicable for code EN 13480 "Metallic Industrial Piping":

3. Check of stresses due to sustained loads under Test conditions is added for code EN 13480 "Metallic Industrial Piping" (SGM1T):

4. Additional set of pre-defined specifications for analyses and post-processing is added to the file SOLV.DBS (calculations according to EN 13480 "Metallic Industrial Piping")

5. Check of model’s misalignments is added for the Flexible Joint element (FJ)

6. Additional functionality is added in the “Group operations with supports”: setting of uniform movements for all selected supports:

7. 3D representation of 6-component support is changer in PIPE3DV:

8. CVSpec can import group of spectra now:

Since this version the procedure of dPIPE licensing has changed: we move to Sentinel software for software protection. That requires updating of existing HASP keys.

New options for analyses:

1. The time required for calculation of eigenfrequencies and eigen modes has significantly reduced (DP5D module)
2. The limitation for number of various types of elements used for stiffness matrix assembling has removed
3. Procedure for consideration of welds in the region of tee/branch connections is specified
4. Parameter RD_E0330 is introduced for CTRL section (calculation of allowable stresses according to document RD EO “Lifetime Extension Guideline for the strength calculations of piping and equipment of RBMK, VVER and EGP reactor facilities”). Applicable for PNAE code only
5. Database for materials (file mat.dbs) has supplemented with fatigue curves from RD EO

6. Functionality of Seismic Anchor Movement (SAM) accounting has extended: options added to extract SAM response from total seismic demand (see in HELP: RULE = ‘SAM’, POST section).
7. Algorithm for calculation model optimization has improved.
8. Changes relevant to 2012 Edition has implemented in European Norms (EN 13480 "Metallic Industrial Piping").


1. Printout of Cumulated Usage Factor for standard tees in models with option SKIP_STR has fixed.
2. Calculation of SRK stresses when using LS reference has fixed
3. Minor bugs in results printout have fixed
4. Use of LS has added for SAF stresses (PNAE code)

DDE table:

1. Operations with standard tees have corrected (work with database, deleting of unused data, etc.)
2. Correspondence between parameters BEND_CODE, BEND_PRES and E_MOD entered in dp5 file and their representation in the “Options/Piping Code” dialogue has fixed
3. An option to save relative paths for files with data bases has implemented.
4. New menu item “Utilities” has introduced:

dPIPE Utilities:

1. Performance and stability of SINTEZ-M Software (generating of acceleration time histories) are significantly improved
2. Functionality of CVSPEC (Program for Response Spectra processing) has extended
3. Software for browsing viscous damper characteristics DmpView got new function for reporting
4. dPIPE Utilities (SINTEZ-M and CVSPEC) have been introduced in dPIPE interface

Visualization of the calculational model and results of analyses (PIPE3DV)

1. PIPE3DV has been equipped with functionality for showing and partial viewing of the calculation model according to piping outside diameter
2. Work with putting dimensions on the sketch has been improved